In a recent study researchers claimed that more than 33% inner users participate in some kind of cybersex. Indeed, this is big number but they came up with this number after a detailed study, so we do not have any reason not to trust on this number. The most unsurprising that researchers found with this study was that not only adult people but many young users also participate in cybersex. Also, they found that cybersex between adult and young people are not limited to any particular place. That means if you live in simi valley or somewhere away from simi valley, you can certainly get so many adult and young people that participate in this kind of sexual activities for their pleasure needs.

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Another notable thing about cybersex is that many adult men try to get younger girls for this kind of sexual pleasure. Surprisingly many younger girls also prefer matured adult men for online sexual pleasure instead of their own age group boys. I don’t have any reason why girls prefer matured men instead of young guys, but I think money is one big factor that motive girls for this. When girls demand some money for few things from matured adult men, then they don’t mind giving that money. At the other hand younger guys from simi valley or any other places may not have that much money. So, they find it really hard to give that money to girls and girls simply ignore them over matured men.

Also, when I was talking to some girls from simi valley about this topic, then they gave me one more reason for same. Those simi valley girls told me that mature adult men know how to enjoy cybersex in the best possible manner. But this is not the case with younger boys and that is why these simi valley girls prefer matured adult men for cybersex instead of younger boys. I am sure just like simi valley girls, girls form other places can have the same kind of opinion and because of that they may chose matured men for this relation instead of young guys. Other than this, if you will check that report then you can find so many other things as well that might surprise you about this subject